First stop for Mix N’ Mentor 2015: Cairo

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“There is progress… not at a Silicon Valley pace but you can see clear milestones,” Ideavelopers Managing Partner Tarek Assaad told Wamda in September, talking about changes in the Egyptian ecosystem. “A $100 million deal shouldn’t be unexpected and could attract a lot of investors currently observing on the sidelines,” he added.

In December, Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology Atef Helmy, announced that he is working to help innovators by putting an end to broadband speeds that average 2.7 Mps – the 18th slowest in the world. This comes on the heels of news that the government will aid in the construction of seven new technology parks in Upper Egypt and the Delta from next year, as well as government projects and changes to investment, telecoms, and data security laws.

Yes, Cairo is one of the hottest cities when it comes to entrepreneurial activity. That's why Egypt's capital is the first stop this year for Wamda's signature event: Mix N' Mentor.

The event will take place on February 21st, at the GrEEK Campus in downtown Cairo, and is supported by a partnership with Flat6Labs, the GrEEK Campus and MC Egypt.

Some of the mentors who will be present throughout the day are Con O'Donnell CEO of Hindawi Foundation for Education and Culture, Omar El Sahy General Manager at, Ziad Mokhtar and Tarek Assaad from Ideavelopers, Patrick Thiriet, Chief Strategy Officer at Choueiri Group, and Abed Agha, founder of Vinelab.

MnM Cairo will be a one-day event connecting entrepreneurs, mentors, and industry experts to share experiences and advice in a casual, high-energy setting. Mix N’ Mentor Cairo will allow entrepreneurs to access relevant and timely advice, specific to their startups. Not just another panel-driven event with the usual topics and talks, the day is a unique opportunity to bounce ideas off of peers and industry leaders entrepreneurs wouldn’t be able to interact with anywhere else.

The format will include one-on-one sessions, problem-solving workshops, roundtable discussions, as well as a closing fireside chat with your new mentors.

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