Time is against you: how to improve your product marketing [Webinar]

We kicked off our first ever webinar, yesterday, with mobile user growth as our first subject. Thanks for the great turnout.

"I don't believe in big budgets for startups", said Lebanese entrepreneur and webinar host Nagi Salloum about user growth and marketing.

Salloum has years of experience in marketing for startups; he spearheaded a number of initiatives and projects, including startups Loomni and Cineklik.com, and worked in numerous capacities including his current role at the Mobile Growth Academy.

Although access to capital, talent, and insights on best practices increase an entrepreneur's chances of success, they also represent challenges. So how do you reverse engineer some of the best marketing tricks out there to fit your product?

Salloum believes effective marketing is about much more than just the products.

"The choice of words really decides whether your marketing is going to live or die,” he said.

“A bad headline converts around 0.05 percent of visitors into users [whereas] a good headline could convert up to 2 percent, [...] up to 40 times the number of visitors for a sample of 10,000 visitors and the same budget." he said.

Stages of growth

"Every successful app you see out there goes through these 4 stages." What are yours like?

Watch the full webinar for details on building a marketing engine that delivers predictable results and helps you fix possible user leakages at different points in your funnel. Here are some of the points that were covered:

  • Falling for the typical marketing system
  • Four steps of growth and preventing user leakages
  • Leveraging existing technologies to grow your user base (app store optimization, cross marketing, SEO, social media, referral marketing, etc.) and what most of your competition isn't doing
  • Nailing the on-boarding plan
  • Thinking beyond the install: increasing user retention

If you enjoyed the webinar and have topic suggestions, get in touch over at team AT wamda.com or reach out to me on @stephanienour.

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