Fear of success does exist [Opinion]

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Don't fear greatness, if you don't want to spend your life living among potholes! (Image via outofedenministries.com)

'Fear of Failure' has become a recurrent theme for many platforms and tech companies, where the failure of an experience is enough to demotivate them and effect their work. But is there something as the 'fear of success'?

Many speakers have spoken about failure as the lack of continuous effort and perseverance. This is why we see a lot of mentors motivating entrepreneurs to keep trying and to move from one experience to another until they reach success.

What the Arab world has been witnessing in the last few years, when it comes to entrepreneurial motivation for building companies and creating innovative solutions, has been frequently at odds with the practical world.

Personally, I've had several experiences where I've met entrepreneurs who preferred to not mention their companies as successful ones. This is in part because they want to keep their clients, or users, or the government, from knowing that their specific company exists in an Arab country.

Another reason is that they are simply too cautious and protective of their ventures. Could it be that they fear success?

Abrupt legal changes, and weak tech advancements, as well as work delays, are considered one of the main reasons behind this fear. This in turn perpetuates the lack of awareness about success stories and ventures in the ecosystem.

On many occasions this fear is not entirely justified, and it doesn't mean that we keep our successes to ourselves without promoting or celebrating it. It is this promoting that drives new companies to develop new products and services, as competition is an important factor that drives competitiveness and creativity.

Also, promoting products and raising awareness on this topic stimulates both the market and users, leading to an increase in product demand, as well as new users.

A lot of regional entrepreneurs prefer not to tell the name of their companies if successful, but they should be proud of it. (Image via Shutterstock)

Guarding your success with caution doesn't mean keeping it a secret, it means perseverance and constant effort and advertising. Whether you fear success or not, there is nothing preventing you or your startup from taking the following steps:

-publishing a monthly report on the latest updates, or sharing a story or a certain experience with your mentors or with other companies, on social media. You could also publish these stories on your blog or news section.

-hold monthly meetings with a group of experts and mentors. This expands your network and promotes your products in a positive light.

-look for conferences and workshops to attend not just as participants, but as speakers and mentors, as this gives visibility to your company.

- publish reports that simplify your company's findings and personal experience gained, as this boosts productivity.

-communicate periodically through social media with users interested in your company's services and products. This helps grow your current and future user base.

-post a video that simplifies your company's work and products and share it on social media or through emails.

-perform periodical assessments and questionnaires about users' interests and impressions on certain features, apps or services.

These activities might receive partial or full acceptance from the users, which gives your startup ideas on how to constantly develop and improve your products, not to mention that it advertises your products.

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