How to land deals with the biggest fish in the market? [Wamda TV]

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Kharabeesh, an online media and entertainment network, has collaborated with Samsung to launch an application that has unlimited access to video content streamed on the television. The deal was to make it easier for Samsung Smart TV users to view entertainment videos produced by Kharabeesh.

This type of collaborative entrepreneurship has been practiced by the Jordanian startup Kharabeesh since its 2008 launch.

“The level of innovation is higher [for startups] than big corporates. Corporates always focus on what generates money and revenue [...] For corporates to continue, they need, they need innovation,” said Wael Attili, Kharabeesh’s founder and vice president of content, in a talk with Wamda.

Despite working with only a few big names like Samsung, MBC Ventures and Pepsi, Attili believes that working with corporations is a challenge because big companies fail to see the added value that startups bring to their businesses, and thus they don’t dedicate a budget for such collaborations.

In the above video, Attili talks about two main barriers to accessing corporates and what tactics the startup followed to land deals with them.


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