Jamalon signs agreement with Lulu.com in a Middle East publishing expansion

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Jamalon.com, MENA's online bookstore, signed a Print-On-Demand (POD) agreement with Lulu.com, a global self-publishing platform, to offer 2 million new titles to Middle Eastern readers.

“With this agreement in place, Arab readers will not only access 2 million additional titles, many of which had not been available locally until now, but will also benefit from Jamalon’s free shipping service across the Arab world,” said Ala’ Alsallal, Founder and CEO at Jamalon.

“With Print-On-Demand, publishers can save a fortune on warehouses by managing their catalogues through Jamalon.com, which ensures that all of their books are infinitely available and in-stock,” Alsallal added.

Publishers can now access the Arab market with ease, by signing an agreement with Jamalon and making their titles available on the platform. Once a customer orders a title, it is sent to print in Dubai within 24 hours, and dispatched for delivery.

Jamalon.com vows to ensure that books are more accessible and get higher visibility through wider distribution channels, both online and offline. Its state-of-art facilities were built with the aim to make all books available for the Middle Eastern market, offering over 10 million Arabic and English titles, with free worldwide delivery.

Launched in Jordan in 2011, the business has rapidly grown and expanded its offices to the UAE, Lebanon and the UK.

"Jamalon’s agreement with Lulu enables the launch of a Print-on-Demand ecosystem and is a critical first step in revolutionizing the publishing industry in the MENA. We are very excited by the prospects this agreement will bring, particularly to consumers in the region who will now, for the first time, have access to a wide range of titles that were not previously available," stated Fadi Ghandour, Executive Chairman of Wamda Capital.

“Our partnership with Jamalon is extremely exciting. We are very proud to work with Jamalon in bringing the opportunity of self-publishing to the Middle East. This partnership will provide tremendous access to affordable content, both fiction and non-fiction, and the tools and global distribution possibilities for authors in the Middle East to embrace the shared economy. Together with Jamalon we will bring down the high cost of publishing and give control to authors in the publishing process, allowing anyone in the Middle East to make money from writing and selling their books. This partnership gives readers and libraries immediate access to millions of titles previously unavailable many of which can now be written and published within the region.” Says Nigel Lee, CEO of Lulu.com.

Alsallal, is on a mission to expand the region’s access to knowledge, opportunities for learning, as well as combating the high illiteracy rates recorded across the Middle East.

The company has already forged relationships with both Arabic and English publishers, and with its newly-found partner, Lulu.com, which provides the opportunity and tools for authors to independently publish their work in over 225 countries and territories, the Middle Eastern market is set to witness a major increase in access to literature.

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