Pixelbug looks to take Silicon Valley

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Pixelbug, the augmented and virtual reality pioneer founded in Dubai, has gone from dominating the MENA market to turning heads in Silicon Valley, after joining the world’s leading AR/VR accelerator, Boost VC.

The company has been paired with mentor Jens Christensen, an angel investor and former CEO of Jaunt VR - a virtual reality firm that raised over $100 million, including $65 million from Disney.

In action. (Image via Pixelbug)

Pixelbug was among the 4 percent of successful applicants chosen to take part in Boost VC's accelerator. The program, which aims to “Make Sci-Fi A Reality” runs two schemes a year – investing up to $100,000 in participant companies. Pixelbug will also receive prime work and living space, in addition to access to world-leading tech experts.

Since arriving in Silicon Valley, the company has seen a tenfold increase in demand for its services and will continue accelerating the development of its augmented reality technology, to help meet this increasing demand.

Dany El-Eid, founder of Pixelbug, said it was an honour to be selected. “It is a testament to what a group of committed people can achieve when they put their minds towards a common goal, regardless of geographical location,” he commented. “We live in an amazing time in history when the distinction between the physical and digital are dissolving, and when science fiction is becoming more science than fiction – and Pixelbug is leading the way in the creation of these new paradigms,” El-Eid added.

El-Eid said: “Our aim is to strike strategic partnerships with Silicon Valley-based investors and companies who are increasingly eager to participate in the AR/VR growth curve and see Pixelbug as the ideal conduit. But, we are proud of our roots and will be maintaining a presence in the UAE.”

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