Roadie 2 crowdfunds double its target amount

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Band Industries launched Roadie 2 and Roadie Bass on Kickstarter yesterday with a fundraising goal of $50,000. This morning, the campaign had already raised more than $100,000.  

Roadie 2 is an upgraded version of their original automatic guitar tuner Roadie Tuner, It can tune almost all stringed instruments. 

Roadie Bass allows tuning bass guitars with its bigger, and more powerful motor.

Roadie 2 expands on everything the first Roadie started by adding vibration tuning detection that allows users to  achieve the same quality of tuning even in noisy environments. The main update is that achieving the perfect tune is done without the need of a smartphone. 

A completely standalone device (The picture Via

When put on any of the pegs, Roadie 2 analyzes the vibrations from a plucked guitar string to know its current pitch. Then, its motor rotates the peg until it’s perfectly tuned. It takes just 30 seconds to tune an entire guitar into any alternate tuning you choose.

Available since yesterday on Kickstarter, the campaign will go on for 60 days. Early backers can pledge $79 for a Roadie 2 or $99 for a Roadie Bass. Band Industries will deliver worldwide and is expected to ship in October of 2017.   

Musicians with Roadie 2 can explore new tunings through the 20 presets or by creating custom tunings through the Roadie companion app. The app can also store profiles for all your instruments and help refine your tuning options between each one. It also keeps track of tuning stats and each string’s quality to notify you when it’s time to change them out.  

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