Startup Watch: Game of Thrones’ princess-preneur, food on Mars, and hotel-tech

The world of entrepreneurship news is a complex one, with people ever ready to give their two cents on how you should be running your business, pitching your business and what’s trending.

Here’s what we read on translating emojis, hospitality embracing tech, and Game of Thrones’ princess-preneur.  

We’re recruiting: Emoji translator:  As internet grows into an essential commodity, internet-related jobs are emerging on almost daily basis. If you thought that ‘community wizard’, ‘superior social tactician’, and ‘public happy maker’ are real job titles, then ‘Emoji translator’ should be no surprise. Keith Broni from Ireland is making a living out of translating the meanings of emojis to companies can better target younger audiences.

Hotels can be SME-friendly too:  As various businesses and companies are rushing to develop tech and startup-focused R&D centers, the ice ball effect has reached hotels and travel agencies. A new initiative launched by Accenture Interactive, Marriott International, and 1776, a leading global incubator and network for startups, created the Travel Experience Incubator. This program aims at discovering and fostering startups working on innovative technologies and solutions to improve the travel experience. Selected startups will be invited to participate in a three-month, travel industry focused program with opportunities for paid piloting and investment at the program’s conclusion.

Attention Amazon: The tech and startup world is an adventurous and risky one, but it’s also rewarding especially when stock shares of these rising companies start soaring. Priceline Group, owner of an online travel site, has been witnessing a sky-rocketing share price increase reaching $2,000 per share. This beats Amazon’s $1,000 per share price. If you thought it does not say much about the overall company valuation, it still questions the opportunities such companies may have.

Some Game of Thrones reality: Princess of House Targaryen Daenerys character from Game of Thrones can be a good inspiration for any entrepreneur with a clear vision, strong team, resilience, pivotal strategy, and a killer competitive advantage. Skip the popcorn bucket and grab a pen!


Food is served, on Mars! While climate change and environmental damage have turned into main concerns, many cleantech startups and new ventures are rushing to innovate mediums to save the planet, save water, and reach less emissions. However, this LA startup is turning shipping containers into hydroponic farms (growing plants without soil), which is actually replicable beyond our tiny blue planet. They are sure about two things: Growing food on Mars, and becoming a billion-dollar company.

Wamda of the week: Entrepreneurship is disrupting MENA’s classic industries: A series of startup acquisitions in the past few months triggered various questions about how the MENA region is embracing this disrupting change. Mega family businesses active in the retail, real estate, and other industries, started believing in this change and are now more into riding this wave.

Fintech to the rescue: The continuous evolution and development of the fintech industry is driving us to keep track and follow up on weekly basis. In this CPI feature, we learn more on how opportunistic is fintech for the MENA region, and how is it expected to modify the financial landscape, with the sector forecasted to grow over 270 percent this year alone.

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