Cairo-based ArqamFC gets acquired by UK’s StatsBomb

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Cairo-based sports data startup ArqamFC has been acquired by English football analytics company StatsBomb, the Egyptian startup told MENAbytes today.

Founded by Ali Elfakharany, Hesham Abozekry, and Mohamed Osama in 2017, ArqamFC collects, analyzes and presents football data to clubs, agents, fans, brands, and players. According to its website, the startup collects over 5,000 data points every match including every shot, pass, and touch that takes place on the football field. The data is then sold in presentable form after analysis to clubs, agencies, media orgnaizations, and players to help them make better decisions. The data, for example, helps football clubs scout, manage and recruit better.

ArqamFC did not disclose the financial details of the transaction but Ali Elfakharany, the co-founder and CEO of the startup, speaking to MENAbytes, said, “This deal is less about financials and more about aligning incentives for the future, and building together the industry leader in sports data and analytics. We’re extremely satisfied with the deal terms and excited about the future.”

Ali also told us that the startup was bootstrapped until this transaction and had only raised a small friends and family round during its early days.

Statsbomb is also a data and analytics startup that helps football clubs improve their performance and productivity with its football analytics tool that can be used for player recruitment, opposition analysis, and performance marketing.

Ted Knutson, CEO of StatsBomb, speaking about the acquisition, said, “We are pleased to formally bring the Arqam data quality expertise into our mix. Arqam gives us more than 2X data points of any other provider and we are seeing results on and off the field.”

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