MoneyFellows raises more than $1 million

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Source: Menabytes 

Cairo-based fintech MoneyFellows has raised over $1 million in a bridge round (Pre-Series A), the startup told MENAbytes today. The investment came from 500 Startups and Dubai Angel Investors, both of which had previously invested in company’s seed round as well, last year, Beirut-based Phoenician Fund, and some individual investors including some of its previous angels.

Founded in late 2016 by Ahmed Wadi, MoneyFellows is digitizing concept of money circles (ROSCAs), commonly known as gam’eya in Egypt and other Arab countries.

The years-old practice that is common across many countries in the world, known as chit funds in India, committee in Pakistan and Tandas in Mexico, allows a group of people (normally friends or coworkers) contribute a fixed installment every month to a pool with one of the members taking whole pool as payout every month. The circle ends when everyone receives their payout and is usually repeated if the participants are interested.

MoneyFellows plans to use the latest investment for scaling the userbase mainly. The startup also plans to raise a $3 million in Series A by the end of this year.

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