A Chat with Joi Ito: Why Agile Startups are More Likely to Succeed [Wamda TV]

This is part one of a three part video interview with Joi Ito, an entrepreneur, investor, director of the MIT Media Lab, and previous Chairman at Creative Commons.

At a chat in Dubai after our Mix n' Mentor event, leading tech and innovation thinker (and Wamda Advisor) Joi Ito explains why we need a new, agile mindset for a complex, uncertain era, an approach he calls Nowism. 

"As the world has become really complex, we can't predict things very well. As the future ecomes less and less predictable... being prepared for anything is much more likely to be successful than to try to plan everything," he says.

Ito then elaborates on how companies can create an agile structure, making it easier to pivot by using testing and data-driven approaches as well as agile development best practice when coding. 

Ito then reveals how he makes decisions in his life, both personally, and when it comes to investing in startups through his early stage venture capital vehicle Neoteny Labs.  "I usually try to make decisions very quickly based on the information that I have." Citing Reid Hoffman, Ito says, "'instead of ready, aim, fire, it's aim, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire." 

Watch him explain his approach to life below and stay tuned for part two on Ito's reflections on some of the most interesting technological innovations coming our way in the next couple of decades, and part three on his thoughts on entrepreneurship and education in the Arab World.

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