Intel Ideathon Camp Helps College Students Innovate Egypt's Future

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ideation campIn partnership with the Egyptian Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Intel launched its first Ideathon Camp in Egypt this past February 14 to 16, as part of its ‘Intel Youth Projects’ program.

This camp aims to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among college students, by granting them an opportunity to develop feasible technical solutions to the challenges Egypt currently faces.

The program's mentors and experts also work to link students' graduation projects to real challenges Egypt faces, also to help colleges connect theory to practical application in their curricula. 

“It is our duty to create a healthy positive environment for our youth, to help them think in a creative and entrepreneurial way, given the importance of their future success,” said engineer Karim Al Fateh, the Director of Intel in Egypt.

The camp has a special importance in the Egyptian community, where most young entrepreneurs these days are college graudates, who need mentors to help them define challenges and believe in their ability to succeed in building something new.

In cooperation with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Intel instructed 20 trainers, who then taught 50 graduates from various Egyptian colleges. “During this bootcamp, participants will learn how to define challenges and perceive them as opportunities, while learning to trust themselves to design solutions that will aid the development of the Egyptian community,” said Al Fateh.

Beyond the Ideathon, Intel Youth Projects will continue throughout Egypt, in cooperation with the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and local universities and local organizations, with the goal of training over 1000 students this year.

“Egypt realizes that its ability to innovate and lead entrepreneurial projects is an important factor for competing successfully in a global job market and boosting social development. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs in their critical stages and help them grow,” said Hussam Osman, acting as CEO for the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.    


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