Cairo’s PushBots introduces simple tweet-to-notify push notifications

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Cairo startup PushBots has just released a disarmingly simple way for app managers to send notifications to their app users with the new “Tweet-To-Notify” service.  If you haven’t already figured it out by the name, an app manager can tweet a notification and add a specific hashtag to signify that this tweet should be delivered as a push notification to all of their app’s users.

And like most brilliantly simple concepts, it’s super useful.

Recently graduated from Cairo accelerator Flat6Labs, PushBots is a customer engagement tool for mobile apps via push notifications. They allow app developers to incorporate push technology with minimum resources. This new service takes that ability to the extreme; now anyone from the app company can send a push notification without any special knowhow or training and it’s cheap and easy to use. Check out the video below for a quick tutorial showing how it works; PushBots is allowing everyone to try it now for free.

The founders themselves are as interesting as the product.  CTO Abdullah Diaa is 21 and studied medicine while CEO Amr Sobhy studied pharmacology. Who says you need to be an IT geek to get into the app industry? Amr is also making a name for himself as one of a new breed of Egyptian entrepreneurs who have a well-crafted personal brand; he’s spoken many times at different regional events, and is now in Silicon Valley attending Draper University.  The institution is an entrepreneurial school in San Mateo, California that was founded by venture capitalist Tim Draper, who invested in Hotmail, Skype, Tesla and other tech powerhouses.

But it’s not a terribly complex technology, so the barrier to entry is fairly low; PushBots will have to grab market share quickly. Since the app market remains huge, and continues to grow, the PushBots team isn’t worried about finding one huge app to latch on to; they’ll make money from good and badapps alike. It’s a pretty sound business model that sort of reminds me of tales of the gold rush in the U.S.

The people that actually got rich were mostly the ones selling the prospecting tools, while only a few gold miners actually hit it big.

Today we’re in the midst of an app gold rush of sorts, and PushBots is selling prospecting equipment to those hoping to hit the jackpot; really easy-to-use prospecting equipment at that.

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