4 ways to use Twitter lists to develop your business

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Regionally, Twitter is the second popular social media site after Facebook with almost 4 million users in the Middle East last year, and tuned in entrepreneurs are using it to open productive communication with their markets.

Twitter lists are one of the features that help organize followers and differentiate between contacts, friends, or clients within public or private lists for easier communication and follow-up. 

Here are 4 ways to use Twitter lists to help market your project:

1. Monitor competitors

Your competitors' Twitter accounts reveal a lot of information on their activities, offers, and news. Constantly monitoring them will benefit your project, helping you understand their marketing methods and learning their weakesses.

If you don’t want to miss any of your competitors’ tweets, create a private list and periodically review its tweets. You don’t need to be a follower to add them on your list and follow their tweets.

2. Attract and satisfy your important clients

If your project attracts important clients with good reputations, it will motivate potential clients to try you out. That’s what companies do when they display their clients’ names on their websites. A single retweet by a respected figure can get you dozens of new followers.

Create public lists under name like ‘Most Important Clients’. Add your clients’ accounts and promote them through yours. This will motivate new clients to deal with you as they see your interest in helping to market them.

3. Your team’s involvement

Your team – including volunteers – should be talking about your project on both their professional and personal accounts. Create a public list for your team and publish it on your account. It will motivate your business’s Twitter followers to follow the rest of the team to get access to more information on your work.

4. Monitor future clients

Even if potential clients aren’t initially interested, don’t give up on them right away. Add them to a list of middle or long-term objectives and keep trying.

Create a private list with the accounts of all-important clients you want to attract. Regularly follow their tweets. One of these might be your chance to convince them.

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