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Wamda SpaceX Starpreneurs

Wamda has announced a partnership with American aerospace manufacturer and industry leader
SpaceX. Starpreneurs aims to spur the interest of MENA-based entrepreneurs to explore space-led ideas.

As previously reported on Wamda, MENA interest in space technology has grown, along with a desire to support the industry, with new ventures dedicated to funding space tech projects.

However, for the majority of the region’s entrepreneurs, space remains a distant and low-priority field of interest.

In one of Wamda’s recent Twitter polls, entrepreneurs cited “lack of knowledge” as the top reason for not venturing into space technologies.

It is for this reason that Wamda is undertaking a brave new mission with the aim of drumming up enthusiasm for space tech, and showing entrepreneurs why they should be reaching for the stars.

Space is the place

Ten entrepreneurs from the region will get the chance to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip into outer space, living the astronaut life and getting a first-hand look at the different technologies involved in space travel and exploration in action.

“Yes, it’s a big risk, but that hasn’t stopped me in the past,” said SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who is personally overseeing the program. “We haven’t even started receiving applications yet and people are already saying things like ‘Why are you doing this?’, and  ‘Please, stop, just stop, please’. But I just keep telling them what I told them back in 2002, when I launched SpaceX: ‘My money, my dreams!’”.

Words every entrepreneur should live by.

It could be you

Though the program will not kick off until 2020, applications are open as of today.

Any tech entrepreneur from the MENA region between the age of 18 and 50 can apply, provided they have no serious medical conditions and have tweeted this very announcement with the phrase “I want to be a #Starpreneur!”

The lucky few will be taking an exclusive trip aboard a state of the art SpaceX shuttle, which will spend a weekend in orbit before touching down at Dubai International Airport.

During the trip, participating entrepreneurs will get the chance to learn more about the different business opportunities space tech presents, through a series of talks and workshops, all held in zero gravity.

So what are you waiting for? Join us for a truly unique experience, which just might be the start of your next big venture!

Register here.

Update: April Fool's! We hope you had a good laugh :)

Omar Al FilOmar Al Fil is a digital producer at Wamda and freelance graphic designer. When he's not illustrating kooky cartoons he's making weird electronic music. Check out his work on his blog and follow him at @Elepheel. 

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