6 WRL reports in 2016 to highlight ecosystem opportunities #Wamda2016

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This year was an interesting one, not just from a geopolitical angle, but also a technological one that saw some great advancements, not least of which AI beating a world champion at the ancient Chinese game Go, and man further plotting life on Mars.

The pace of the ecosystem in MENA has picked up as well and Wamda Research Lab (WRL) has, over the last year, sought to package the raw information available about the entrepreneurship ecosystem to date, and present it in a digestible manner along with actionable insights for the ecosystem stakeholders.

In MENA’s Healthcare Startups and MENA’s Cleantech Startups, the goal was to highlight the industries and startups that were operating on the fringe of the regional ecosystem. Furthermore, given the rising interest in these sectors, it was crucial to gather preliminary data that could be used as a foundation for action or even further research in these sectors.

Strategies to Scale and Access to Talent explore two of the most pressing challenges to entrepreneurs in the region today. Gleaned directly from the entrepreneurs facing these challenges, these reports shed light on the nature of these challenges, and accentuate key strategies utilised in grappling with them.

It is no secret that startups and corporations wish to collaborate, the mutual benefit to be gained from partnerships like these cannot be ignored. Collaborative Entrepreneurship (CE) is a unique initiative by Wamda and Expo 2020 aimed at kickstarting collaboration between corporations and entrepreneurs by providing insights and offering corporations a toolkit that would accelerate regional partnership efforts.

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