It's the AppAttack!

If you're an app developer with a creative streak and a thirst for innovation, this competition is for you. The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) AppAttack application submission is open until September 15th, after which all apps will go through 3 rounds where they will be evaluated and selected based on:

  • Popularity (Facebook ‘Like’-ing) (30%)
  • Rating in the marketplace (20%)
  • Evaluation by the appAttack organizing committee and sponsors (50%)

This is a great opportunity for app developpers as the winner gets a free trip to demo his/her app at the Global Mobile Internet Conference – Silicon Valley. But there's also something in it for the voters, as the first 200 voters also have the chance to win an iPad.

You can submit your application here; you'll need to provide some information about your application as well as where to find it.

Read more about this competition and check out current submissions here

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