Competitiveness Is About You [Pic Of The Week]


Competitiveness Is About You [Pic Of The Week]

It is becoming harder and harder to stand out as a startup in many markets today. Many young startups are channeling their efforts into a few markets like mobile applications, mobile gaming and e-commerce platforms. If this is the trend nowadays, why not?

This week, for example, we listed 10 Arab Gaming Startups to Watch to which we added 10 more that are also worth watching, 13 out of 20 of which are based between Lebanon, Jordan and the UAE. Most of these gaming platforms include a piece of our Arabic history in their background whether through their name, designs, or music used.

The more that come online, the thicker the competition gets, and it's only normal for startups to want to get ahead of the game in their field. But it's crucial not to let competitiveness become a self-destructive focus. Yes, you want to be #1 in your field. But the ecosystem and your users need to have #2 and #3 and #4… So it can also pay to step back, and know your competitors, but focus on excelling at what you do best.
So work hard. Know what differentiates you. Embrace competitiveness as “coopetition” and just keep building.

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