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As you've seen, Silicon Valley investors Geeks on a Plane are coming to our Mix 'n' Mentor event in Amman. After the event, they're also hosting a pitch session, and then asking entrepreneurs to join them for a weekend's worth of events, supported by Partners for a New Beginning.

Sign up for 4 different events:  

Nov 8th, 7-10PM: A walk on Rainbow Street and dinner at Ousra
Nov 9th, 10-11AM: Breakfast at Jeeran
Nov 9th, 8-10PM: Mansaf Dinner at Al Quds in the Balad 
Nov 10th: 8-11AM: Dead Sea Visit

At each of these events, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to connect to Geeks on a Plane entrepreneurs. To join, simply sign up here for the activities you would like to attend.

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