Have Fun: Short Term is Short Term [Pic of the Week]


Have Fun: Short Term is Short Term [Pic of the Week]

For some this is the end of a bad year, maybe their worst year so far. Others could be wishing 2013 to be as good as 2012. You might be in the middle, not very satisfied with your 2012 accomplishments and piling up a set of challenging resolutions for the year to come. 

Whether your 2012 was marked by failure or success it is now time to look back for the very last time, take a deep breath, and embrace 2013 with new fresh resolutions.

One of your prioritized resolutions should be: Having Fun.
Anxiety, confusion and fear won't help you focus nor boost your creativity. If you are starting up, scaling up or closing down, keep it simple. Take it one step at a time, and again, have fun!

While reflecting back on the main events of the year, write up your thoughts in the form of a blogpost, and participate in Wamda's Best Community Blogpost Competition. You might just win yourself a free WamdaCard subscription for the new year.

Remember, failure is redeemable and short term is short term. So roll up your sleeves, prepare yourself for a year of hard work and most importantly have fun and enjoy every second of it!

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