The 12 most emotional moments of launching a startup

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Launching your own company anywhere, let alone in the Arab world, is hardly a walk in the park; it's not easy to create a unique product, target the right market, find viable revenue streams, bootstrap your startup, pitch to investors in a young ecosystem, handle competition from global rivalslearn from failure, consider an acquisition, while seeing through the hype, and, of course, going mobile.

Here are some of the reactions you might have throughout the process. [Submit your own captions; the best will be added]. 
1. You've just taken the site live.  

2. Excitedly pitching to investors: "I'm going after a market this big." 

3. The moment you can afford a dinner that's not falafel (or Ramen noodles). 

4. Waiting to hear back on a major deal you're negotiating.

5. Dancing with your cofounder on Google Hangout after closing a deal.
6. Closing your startup after a year of bootstrapping.

7. Your competitors claim that they're on track to own the Saudi market. 

8. Your grandmother realizes that the actual location of your store is online.

9. You learn that your top developer was poached by a bigger company.

10. Your response when the media asks for numbers on your monthly traffic or purchases.
11. Realizing you've taken funding from a bad investor. 

12. Networking with potential clients and investors that you don't really know.

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