4 inspiring TEDx videos from Arab entrepreneurs

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To build a startup you need to go down a difficult road, overcoming obstacles, disappointments and challenges along the way; you will need a strong will and a bit of faith.

This selection of videos, recorded during TEDx conferences in the Arab world, could help; they might remind you that anything is possible and you owe it to yourself to make your dreams come true.

TED talks are a series of bi-annual international conferences that showcase ideas worth spreading. The TEDx program enables people to organize TED-like events throughout the world. In June 2012, five TEDx events on average were being organized every day.

TEDxCasablanca - Faysal Hafidi: 5 traits that may make you fail at school but will make you successful in real life

Faysal Hafidi, a personal development coach, explains that being first in class doesn’t necessarily lead to being successful in life. Those who fail at school often do so because they have personality traits that will make them great entrepreneurs.

TEDxSanaa - Ali Taleb Almarrany: Seeing beyond my suffering

Ali Taleb Almarrany is a TV journalist in Saoudi Arabia. Growing up in Yemen under extreme poverty, he lost an eye in a tragic firearm accident. He tells the story of how turned his suffering into willpower, how he started to feel confident again and finally beat the odds and achieved more than he had imagined.

 TEDxRamallah - Fadi Ghandour: Community and entrepreneurs in action

Entrepreneurs have a moral duty towards their community, and society in general, says Fadi Ghandour, Aramex’s Founder. He created Ruwwad, a private sector-led initiative engaging youth to empower disadvantaged communities through the opening of clinics, legal desks, schools and more. [Disclosure: Fadi Ghandour is the chairman of Wamda’s advisory board]

TEDxDubai - Mohammed Harib: How to become the first cartoon animator in the Emirates.

Mohammed is a young Emirati entrepreneur who pursued a dream of becoming a cartoon animator. Here he explains how he overcame many obstacles to release Freej, a cartoon about an Emirati grandmother.

What about you, do you have any TED or TEDx videosfrom the Arab world to recommend?

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