What are your startup challenges? We ask Lebanon's entrepreneurs [Wamda TV]

At Wamda’s Mix N’ Mentor Beirut on October 12, we chatted with attending entrepreneurs and mentors about the challenges they see in the Lebanese startup ecosystem.

Some mentioned Lebanon’s IT infrastructure as being prohibitive, namely the high costs of electricity and weak internet, on top of high rent prices in Beirut. “All those problems make work harder and force us to spend more time investing in things that should be available to us, unfortunately,” says Maya Zankoul, founder of Wezank.

Other entrepreneurs mentioned issues more specific to their startup, including expanding and managing a dispersed team, and how to effectively market online. Gaming startups at the event noted the issue of discoverability on the App Store.

Check out the short video above to hear about the major challenges facing entrepreneurs in Lebanon. Stay tuned for our next video on advice from the MnM event.

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