Support Legal: subscription based lawyer services for startups [Wamda TV]

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Wamda speaks to Patrick Rogers and Lee McMahon cofounders of Support Legal, a new kind of law firm that is targeting entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the Middle East with efficient yet affordable legal advice.

With increasing demand for legal services from emerging companies in the region, innovative and disruptive solutions are necessary to meet the ever changing needs of such businesses. As a startup themselves, Support Legal is well positioned to understand the needs of such companies.

Support Legal has done away with the traditional billable hour model and instead has based its platform around fix fees where clients can choose to purchase a one off service or sign on to their subscription model agreeing on a area of work and a monthly fee for unlimited hourly work.

In this video the cofounders talk about how their company has gone completely horizontal by utilizing a flexible workforce that can significantly lower prices for clients. Having worked in the region for over a decade they saw the need for such service, with many startups foregoing legal service due to high prices only to later find themselves in more financial trouble.

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