How to identify the ideal startup founder [podcast]

What makes a startup successful? There are many studies conducted to try to pinpoint the factors that contribute to the success of a startup, but one of the most pivotal is the founder of the business. There are certain traits that make for a good entrepreneur. The stereotypical graduate, fresh out of university with a thirst for disruption is more a myth than a reality these days. 

Wamda X, a fellowship programme, was launched earlier this year with the aim to identify founders with the potential to succeed.  

Some 600 people applied, but just two companies managed to complete the four-month programme. In the process, the formula for what makes an ideal founder became clearer. In this podcast, Wamda X chief Fares Ghandour discusses the characteristics of a successful founder and Syed Karim, founder of Caravan, explains his experience as a fellow.





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