Lebanon's droid-maker: Innovo breaks into hi-tech manufacturing [Wamda TV]

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Innovo is one of the few independent precision manufacturing workshops in the region - this means robots, high tech circuit boards, and 3D printing.

Jad Berro, its founder, says there is a good reason for their rarity: companies that want products or prototypes that require this level of expertise usually take their business overseas.

It’s not because the skills are not yet available here (although they too are still a rare commodity), but because of faith. People in the Middle East do not yet have faith that advanced, precision manufacturing is possible in the region.

Although maker hotspots have sprung up from Algeria to the UAE, and robotics is being introduced to children from a very young age, the sector as a whole will take time to develop.

Investors love a first mover though, and it now looks like it might be time to jump aboard.

And there’s also the fact that one can build replicas of famous Hollywood robots.

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