Turning a Father's Passion into a Regional Medical Portal: Jalil Allabadi of AlTibbi [Wamda TV]

by wamda,   September 16, 2012

Jalil Allabadi, founder of AlTibbi, discusses the origins of Arabic online medical content portal AlTibbi. Started in Jordan, AlTibbi houses a detailed encyclopedia featuring extensive information about diseases, cures, symptoms, and major topics related to health and medicine.

Allabadi discusses the original concept started by his father. With a passion for empowering people to take care of their own health, he devoted much of his life as a medical doctor to refugees and health within refugee camps, authoring the first Arabic-English medical dictionary. Allabadi explains, “Doctors here are trained in English, or in French, and there is a gap in communication between them and the patient. So we provide this tool to help Arabs learn and know about their health.”

By putting this dictionary online, Allabadi has been able to grow and expand his father’s content to include more detailed explanations with other doctor contributions and videos. AlTibbi, which is now an Endeavor Jordan company, boasts the largest YouTube health channel in Arabic, complete with an iPhone and Android app.

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I find altibbi.com to be a very interesting and informative portal, which can provide real time information about health.... From the best professionals. I even find myself translating and searching for questions that are asked my friends.
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