Four Bahraini Startups Graduate from Local Accelerator

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Tenmou, Bahrain's first Y Combinator-style accelerator, has announced the graduation of its first round of startups, focusing on IT security, gaming, animation, and weight loss. 

The accelerator states that it looks for high-potential Bahraini entrepreneurs in small teams of 2-4 people that have the intention to scale regionally or globally. It invests up to BHD 20,000 (around USD $50,000) in the first round of funding, offering three months of mentorship. It launched its first round in September. 

Two of its first round companies, Reload Consulting, a cloud-based IT security company, and Arabic animation studio, Reality Animation Studios, are already fully functional; Reload Consulting has also already inked a deal with Indian IT companies Secure Matrix and Prism Informatics Ltd. to bring IT security to MENA and launch Bahrain's first computer emergency response team (CERT). 

Tenmou founder Hasan Haider says that he expects other two to launch fully within the next two months. The companies will pitch to a round of angel investors in April.

Tenmou will continue with its next round soon. "Bahrain is the perfect testing ground before launching out into the rest of the Gulf- especially Saudi, Qatar, and Kuwait- before entering the rest of the GCC and the region," says Haider. With a very integrated workforce and government support, he says, entrepreneurship is on the rise in Bahrain.

Meet the four companies below:

Reload IT ConsultingA Security as a Service company, providing outsources IT security services through a cloud based platform

Live Gaming: A PC gaming centre, focusing on developing a cadre of gamers that participate in tournaments worldwide.

Pankooshi’s weight loss centre: A weight loss boot camp in Durrat Al Bahrain, where you check in for 1 or 2 weeks and go through a detox program, diet and exercise program

Reality Animation Studios: A 3D animation studio working to develop an animated series for Arabic TV.

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