Maintaining a Startup Atmosphere in a Growing Business: JC Butler of Dubizzle [Wamda TV]

JC Butler, Co-Founder of Dubizzle, discusses his company’s evolution from a startup to a medium-sized business. He explains that it takes real effort to maintain the agility of a startup as you grow, but Dubizzle is working hard to keep the startup tenacity in every employee.

Butler says that the key to success is empowering the people you have and giving them a stake in the decision-making of the company. “Once you’re able to make everybody in the organization an entrepreneur, things start happening so much more rapidly and you start behaving like a startup.”

As a company expands, departments can tend to separate themselves from other branches, reducing the company’s cohesion. To combat this trend, Dubizzle has created cross-functional teams comprised of people from different departments. Butler explains how these unique teams work to further Dubizzle’s mission.

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