Building Massively Multiplayer Online Games for the Arab World: Vince Ghossoub of Falafel Games [Wamda TV]

Vince Ghossoub, co-founder of Falafel Games, discusses how Falafel Games came to be and why their first major game, Knights of Glory, has been so popular in the Arab world at Arabnet 2012.

As a “closet gamer” himself, Ghossoub was frustrated by a lack of Arabic gaming content and he and his co-founder decided to start Falafel Games to fill the gap. In October 2011, Knights of Glory launched as the first fully-Arabic massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in the region.

Ghossoub explains that when launched a high-profile browser game, you inevitably run into a series of lovers and haters who want to pull the game in different directions. By reading through the comments and keeping a clear vision, Falafel games continues to expand and improve Knights of Glory.

Falafel games received investment from MEVP and MBC Ventures earlier this year.

He also explains Falafel Games’ long-term vision and outlook towards other players in the MENA gaming space including GameTako and Gamabox. He anticipates that while they don’t overlap now, there may be a gaming turf battle in the region in 3-4 years.

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