How the Middle East Tweets: Rankings of the Most Connected Arabs on Twitter [Report]

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Curious who's most connected in the Arab world on Twitter? A recent report on "How the Middle East Tweets" reveals the region's 50 most connected Twitter users in the region and the 10 most connected in each country, while mapping interconnections between countries.

Syria, whose social media will be analyzed in depth by new platform Syria Deeply, is not included, but Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are. 

Released by Portland and Tweetminster, the study surveys the top 500 most connected Twitter users to create comprehensive maps; here are the leading statistics and links to the eight country reports (also visible in our reports section).

  • Of the Top 50 Tweeters in MENA, 38% are commentators, 36% are journalists, and 18% are politicians or government officials [tweet this fact].
  • Of the Top 50 Tweeters in MENA, 66% are male, 30% are female, and 4% are organizations [tweet this fact].
  • 78% of the Top Tweeters in MENA, mainly use Twitter to discuss politics [tweet this fact].
  • Egypt’s Twitter users have the most connections across the Arab world [tweet this fact].

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