How to Register for a Copyright in Lebanon [Legal Advice]

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This series on registration and incorporation in Lebanon comes to Wamda courtesy of Michel Ghanem of Khalaf Law Firm and Lebanon Offshore, both of which offer preferred rates to WamdaCard members.

Below is a description of the criteria for registering a copyright in Lebanon. For more on different types of registration, see our complete list on How to Register a Company in Lebanon

Copyrights in Lebanon are regulated by Law Number 75, dated 3 April 1999. This law provides that the author of a literary or an artistic work shall have an absolute property right over the same and maintain such right without the need of any formality whatsoever. Such right and all other rights deriving from the ownership are protected by Law Number 75 during the lifetime of the author, and for a period of Fifty (50) years as of the end of the year during which his death occurs.

Collective and audiovisual works benefit from a Fifty (50) years protection period, starting from the end of the year during which the first authorized publishing of the work occurred and otherwise from the end of the year during which the work was completed.

Law Number 75 considers the author of a literary or an artistic work as the person whose name appears on the said work, unless a proof of the contrary is duly made. As a proof of ownership, the author of a literary or an artistic work may file an application for registration before the Department of Intellectual Property Protection.

Supporting Documents

  1. The application of registration shall be accompanied by the following documents:
  2. A power of attorney signed by the applicant
  3. Application of registration including: the title and type of work, sound recording, performance or radio or television program;
  4. The name, title and address of the author or the holder of related rights.
  5. Copy or a summary of the document on the basis of which the deposit is made (power of attorney, contract or engagement …);
  6. Three copies of the work or the subject of the related right. In respect of pictures, oil paintings, water colors, statues, works of architecture or other works having only one original, a photographic or non-photographic reproduction of the work in three dimensions shall be provided showing the shape and form of the work in whole and in details.

Official Fees

The official registration fees are as follows:

  • Deposit fees for a printed work (US$ 40).
  • Deposit fees for a motion picture, video film or sound recording (US$ 130).
  • Deposit fees for a daily or periodic publication (for one year) (US$ 60).
  • Deposit fees for a picture, drawing, map, post card, photograph or daily or periodic publication (US$ 20).
  • Record of a contract of deposit with the office (US$ 40).
  • Facsimile copy of a certificate of registration (US$ 40).
  • Publication fees at the Official Gazette (US$3.5 per each line) minimum (US$150 - US$ 150).
  • Fiscal stamps (US$ 20).
  • Obtaining original certificate of Registration (US$ 70).
  • Official Translation to Arabic Language (US$ 25 per document).
  • Legal Fees (US$ 500).

Term of Protection

The term of protection granted under the Law to the economic rights of the author, shall be the life of the author and Fifty (50) years after his death.

Duration for Registration

In normal circumstances, we shall obtain the certificate of registration in Two (2) weeks as of the date we receive the full supporting documents and fees.

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