The Greater Your Goals the Greater Your Risks [Pic of the Week]

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With a big idea comes big risk. Some entrepreneurs hope to have global reach, others are content with attracting a local market; the world has a place for both.

For those seeking to reach for the stars and realize a global vision, there are higher hurdles to overcome and definitely greater risks to weigh. But this doesn’t mean the risks are too great. If, after doing your due diligence and being realistic about your idea, you still feel that your idea has the potential to go all the way, then give it your all and fight for it.

Do not lower your standards. Dreamers face times of uncertainty just like everyone else, but it’s the ability to push through the negativity of others, or your own hesitation, that separates success from failure.

It’s ok to have big goals, to dream big and think positively. Of course it’s important to listen to mentors and have a realistic vision, but it’s following through on the big ideas that truly challenge the status quo and reinvent the box entirely that will separate you from those who let their doubts control their future.

Define your own future and embrace your idea despite the risks. You may just inspire someone else to do the same.

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