Weekly Wrap-Up: January 06-10

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If you've ever stayed up late wondering how to enhance the services or products your startup offers, if you've spent hours browsing through best practices and advice, then you've got the bug. And if you do, then we'd love to read your input on last year's entrepreneurship trends, and those you wish to see in 2013. Write your article on Wamda now!

Pic of the Week

Pic of the Week: Entrepreneurship is an Attitude

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Are you constantly having thoughts on how to improve your startup? Then maybe you've already got the Entrepreneurship bug. Find out more about the entrepreneurship attitude with this post by Features Editor Glen.

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Articles you Might have Missed 

Namshi Receives 1 Million from Summit Partners

Namshi receives investmentNamshi has once again received a great cash injection, but what is the Dubai-based fashion retail site planning for 2013? Find out in this post.

7 Essential Tips for E-Commerce SEO

7 Essential Tips for e-commerce SEOThere are plenty of ways to make sure that your products retain good ranking on search engines. If you're using an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution, make sure to follow the tips highlighted in this post for the best possible SEO.

Jordan vs Kenya: What Sets the Two Entrepreneurship Ecosystems Apart

Jordan vs KenyaWhile there are initial catalysts that fuel each of Jordan and Kenya's tech booms, there are also elements that set these two emerging boomtowns apart. Read about them in this post by Wamda contributor Jonathan Kalan.

How to Build a Startup Community: Do's and Don'ts

Startup communities: Do's and Don'tsBuilding a community for your startup is an ongoing process; as your community begins to take shape, it also plays a role in shaping the identity of your startup. What are some Do's and Don't when laying the groundwork? In this post, find out what Wamda contributor and StartupQ8 founder Abdullah Alshalabi learned from Brad Feld's latest work, Startup Communities. 

5 Ways your Startup Can be More Socially Responsible in 2013

5 Ways your Startup Can be More Socially Responsible in 2013Have you ever wondered how you could apply Corporate Social Responsibility strategies to your startup? Read about 5 ways to make your startup more socially responsible in this post by Wamda contributor and co-founder of 3BL Associates Leena AlOlaimy.

Facebook Trends for Companies in the Middle East and North Africa in 2012

Facebook Trends in the Middle East 2012SocialBakers have recently released an infographic revealing Facebook trends of users and companies in the Middle East and North Africa, in 2012. What was the fastest growing brand on Facebook for 2012? And what is the age range of most users? Find out in this post.

5 Easy Steps for Setting Up an E-Commerce Store in the Middle East

Steps to Setup E-Commerce in the Middle EastDo you have a business idea, or existing business, you need to take online? Check out 5 easy steps to help you get set with from Wamda contributor and ShopGo founder Mohanad Ghashim.

How Much Does a Facebook Fan Cost in the Arab World? [Report]

How Much Does a Facebook User CostIf you're a fan of Facebook's advertising platform, this report recently released by The Online Project is for you. Which country has the highest cost per fan? What categories of brands have the lowest average cost per fan? Find out in this post.

3 Key Lessons for Creative Entrepreneurs from Pixar

Pixar If your startup has anything to do with media, animation, and gaming, then you're probably well-acquainted with the challenge of hiring and retaining talent tow ork on designing games and applications. What lessons can we derive from the "Pixar Story" documentary? Find out in this post.

HUB Dubai Set to Launch UAE's Newest Co-Working Space

HUB DubaiOf all 35 HUBs worldwide, HUB Dubai is the first to launch in the Arab world to create a collaborative space for entrepreneurs, artists, and thinkers to connect and spread the bug of entrepreneurship. See what the place will look like and read more about it here.





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