Weekly Wrap-Up: July 14-18

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Nominate your candidate for the Karim Jazouani Award

Karim Jazouani AwardWamda recently announced the Karim Jazouani Award, a yearly prize that will be given to a young Moroccan entrepreneur who is working on giving back to the startup community in the country. Nominate your candidate before August 8th.

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Jordanian education leader pioneers online university, Arabic web encyclopedia

Jordanian education leader pioneers online universityTo H.E. Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, online education can offer the region an opportunity for "electronic education for employability". Learn about TAGUINI, the recently-launched online university using partnerships across a network of universities and educational institutions to deliver comprehensive education and Tagipedia, the online Arabic encyclopedia he plans on building, in this post.

What PayPal's new partnership with Qatar National Bank means for online shoppers

PayPal partners wit hQatar National BankPayPal recently announced a partnership with Qatar National Bank to enable it to offer retail customer services for secure online purchases. What other services does this partnership open for QNB clients? Find out in this post.

Pakistani entrepreneur builds country's first private aircraft

Pakistani entrepreneur builds the first private aircraftIn 2001, Faisal Naveed Asif announced to his family that he was quitting his job in the defense sector to build the country's first aircraft. What did Asif learn throughout his journey and what did it take to stand, 12 years later, in front of Pakistan's very first airplane

7 tips for entrepreneurs from Mix N' Mentor Casablanca

Mix N Mentor CasablancaOur latest Mix N' Mentor event, the first in Casablanca, was also especially poignant for all attendees as it was the first Mix N' Mentor in Morocco, and we were missing Karim Jazouani. Check out 7 tips from our day with entrepreneurs in Casablanca!

10 reasons why exercise makes you better at your job

Reasons why exercise makes you better at your jobThink sacrificing workout time for more time at work is a good thing? You might be doing it wrong. Aside from keeping you fit and healthy, regular exercise can actually help you at your job. Here's why.

Egyptian startup Instabug accepted into Google for Entrepreneurs program in Silicon Valley

Egyptian startup Instabug joins Google for Entrepreneurs program in Silicon ValleyInstabug is a Flat6Labs graduate that aims to overhaul the bug reporting process by making it easier for your clients to report any issues. Starting next week, this startup and 7 others from around the world will integrate accelerator Blackbox Connect in Palo Alto. Find out more about the bug reporting service and what makes it different.

How student entrepreneurs are transforming Morocco's economy

student entrepreneurs are transforming Morocco economyRecently at the World Economic Forum in Jordan, we chatted with Touriah Benalfqih, program manager of Enactus Morocco, an organization that supports youth entrepreneurship and sustainable development. Each year, they host a competition offering university students from the country the chance to pitch their startups to a jury of business leaders. Here's how the organization fills a gap in the education system.

How Supermama, Shahiya and Mumzworld are supporting moms this Ramadan

SuperMama Mumzworld and ShahiyaWhile Ramadan is primarily about sacrifice, it is also a month during which sharing and family take a central role. Find out what special content these three startups from the region are sharing with their audience

Kuwaiti entrepreneur builds sport apparel startup in Britain

Kuwaiti entrepreneur builds sport apparel startup in BritainWhen he initially opened for business in 2010, Abdelwahab AlAnsary was designing sports outfits for 7 teams. Today, his customer base spans 40 different teams. So what made the dentist become an entrepreneur?

Is startup cloning sustainable in the Arab world? The good, the bad and the ugly [Reader poll]

startup cloningClone startups often come under fire for lacking creativity and builds upon others' success- yet a number of clones have demonstrated that the 'clone and adapt' model is not necessarily unsustainable. Last week, we turned to our readers to find out what they thought about this; here's what they had to say.

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