How a Lebanese telecom sees the local startup scene

At our recent Mix N’ Mentor Beirut, we chatted with partner touch about their view of the Lebanese startup ecosystem and how they, as a major telecoms company, look to help the ecosystem grow.

Recognizing the value of partnering with Lebanon’s entrepreneurs, touch continues to look for new ways to incorporate new innovations as part of their value chain to help startups monetize via mobile data plans. “The major thing that touch is doing to help startups is opening up its networks mainly from the operator billing side,” says Chief Commercial Officer Nadim Khater.

For example, touch has created a partnership with mobile music streaming service Anghami whereby users can pay for a premium subscription via a pre- or post-paid line. Likewise, touch hopes to join up with other apps to help startups reach more consumers with increased monetization options.

In the near future, touch will also be launching the second phase of both their Pitchfest and Hackathon. Check out the video above to learn more about how they plan to support mobile startups in Lebanon.

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