8 essential skills for growing your team [Infographic]

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Do you need to expand your team but don't know how to start? According to data extracted from LinkedIn, the best recruitment managers are a perfect combination of artist and scientist, merging intuitive people skills like sales and matchmaking, with number crunching and balancing personality traits. The infographic below highlights the two sets of skills you need in order build the best team possible.

These eight skills will help you influence your organization’s hiring strategy and seduce high-potential candidates who may not be convinced on paper:

The Artist:

  1. Matchmaker: Finds the right candidate to fit the company’s culture.

  2. Marketer: They know how to tell a great story when it comes to “selling the job”.

  3. Salesperson: They have the people skills and negotiation acumen to win on both sides.

  4. Talent Advisor: Trusted advertisers for their businesse, informing leadership of critical talent trends.

The Scientist:

  1. Data Nerd: They know that numbers and data will help them make better decisions.

  2. Researcher: They explore candidate pools, employment, and skill trends to stay up to speed on the competition.

  3. Technologist: Masters at using recruiting innovation tools.

  4. Psychologist: They can read the candidates and know how to convince them.

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