12 tips for getting hired by a startup [Infographic]

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As the region’s number of startups grow so too does the interest from graduates and career changers in those startups.

We’ve written many times on getting employed - what not to put on your resume, things to know before joining a startup, how to grow your startup team, and who’s out there to help you find the work.

And now, gathering information from their experience in the startup field, Berlin-based startup StartupCVs have come up with 12 tips for getting oneself hired by a startup.

They work with over 800 startups, and only startups, across a variety of sectors and different parts of the world, and with clients like Google, Rocket Internet and Zalando

Interestingly, they have found that of those using their site who are native speakers in Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish and Hebrew and gave a location preference for a job, 87 percent chose at least one non-MENA location. In total only 13 percent are exclusively interested in MENA locations.

So, the drive to keep people in the region still has to be worked upon. Until then though, check out what they say will help you get that startup job.

12 Tips That Will Get You Hired at a Startup

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