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Kids at Dubai's Coding Circle
The Coding Cirlce in action. (Image via The Coding Circle)

We have covered in the past various coding camps and courses, for both adults and children.

It’s important. To get a tech startup off the ground these days someone on your team is going to need to know how to code, and if one doesn’t, you’re going to find it that much harder to succeed.

Across the globe the importance is being realized and increasingly there are more and more courses available, both online and in a classroom.

Here are a list of places in the region:

Le Wagon

Location France and LA, now in Beirut, Lebanon.

Courses A nine-week course that will take a complete beginner and will turn them from a complete novice into someone ready to be an entry level software developer.

Age range University students and up.


An Algocode class

Location Jounieh, Lebanon (Right).

Courses Practical training on algorithms, database and network management, information security, robotics, social networks and mobile apps.

Age range 8 to 21-years.

The Coding Circle

Location Dubai, UAE and Amman, Jordan.

Courses Introductions to web development, and advanced Android development that will help you build apps.

Age range 10 to 16-years

TOP Academy

Location Amman, Jordan

Courses The Online Project’s ‘academy’ looks to produce software engineers with its six-week courses that cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP, including hackathons, coding sprints, and peer programming.

Age range University students and up.

Arab Code

Location Online, so everywhere

Courses They’re yet to actually be made available but once they are you can learn the principles of coding through games. Watch this space for more details coming soon.

Age range All ages welcome

Spica Twins

Location Beirut, Lebanon.

Courses Game development courses provided all year round, with a view to bringing a new approach to science, math, tech and the arts.

Age range From 5-years through to the teens.

A youngster at Lebanon's Teens Who Code
A teen at work at Lebanon's Teens Who Code. (Image via Teens Who Code)

Teens Who Code

Location Beirut, Lebanon.

Course Group courses, and private classes, that teach the teens how to code and develop on iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi.

Age range 9 to 18-years.


Location Dubai, UAE

Courses From Python and electronics with Minecraft, to beginner courses in programming with Tynker and Scratch, courses are throughout the year; along with courses in partnership with The Cribb.

Age range 7 to 15-years old. Soon to be up to 18-years, and maybe older.


Location Kuwait City, Kuwait

Courses Covering HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, Django, and AngularJS their bootcamps are 8-weeks long where students will work on seven different projects before completion. They now also offer a 14-week part time evening bootcamp teaching the same languages previously taught in their full-time course.

Age range 16-years and up, right up to the 40s.

Bootcamp at Coded
Bootcamp at Coded. (Image via Coded)

This list is a work in progress, we will be adding to it as we come across new courses. So, please do let us know if you know of others. We want to hear from you in the comments section below

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