Weekly Wrap-Up: September 02-06

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It’s finally Thursday and time for our Weekly Wrap-Up! If you're game for taking your business to the next level, don't miss this week's top posts as they're especially rich in valuable advice.

Pic of the Week

This week's 'Pic of the Week' post is all about fostering relationships. Find out why, and tell us how you do it.

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Entrepreneur of the Week

Entrepreneur of the Week: Sohaib Thiab of Wizards Productions

This week's 'Entrepreneur of the Week' is Sohaib Thiab, founder of game development Wizards Productions, which already has a number of successful online games under its belt. In his interview, Thiab discusses what sets a Wizards game apart, as well as what is in the works for Wizards Productions. Watch his interview here.

Articles you Might have Missed

Top 15 MENA Tech Startups That Are Going Global

Top 15 Tech Startups that are Going GlobalThis week, we’ve highlighted 15 Tech startups that are taking their business to the next level. Read this post to find out what they’re doing right.

Fadi Ghandour’s Next Investment: Building a Future for Arab Social Entrepreneurship

Fadi GhandourFadi Ghandour is one of the key figures of entrepreneurship in the Arab world. Find out what is next for him as he steps into social impact efforts with Ruwwad for Development.

How to Generate and Assess Good Entrepreneurial Ideas

How to Generate and Assess Good Entrepreneurial Ideas

Wamda contributor and MarkeScope co-founder Ayman Abou Hend describes 3 ways to train yourself for the entrepreneurial mindset. If you’re serious about your entrepreneurial journey, don’t miss this post.


Are You Ready for the Digital Revolution?

Are you ready for the digital revolution?

Do you know what most influences customers’ purchasing decisions? Learn what changes you can make to your business to stay on top of the digital revolution.


Digital Spring: MENA Governments Must Speak the Language of Social Media [REPORT]

Digital SpringThis week’s report from Booz & Company provides key insights into how regional governments can utilize social media to connect and collaborate with their constituents in a mutually beneficial way.


Looking for a Repairman? Mjarrab Launches to Crowdsource Home Repairs in Jordan


Mjarreb is 27 year old Khaled Riyal’s latest brainchild; a crowdsourcing platform for both repairmen and clients. Read more to find out how it works.


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