New seed fund Outlierz launches in Morocco [Know your VC]


New seed fund Outlierz launches in Morocco [Know your VC]

A new Morocco-based seed fund called Outlierz is looking to provide “smart capital” for early stage Africa startups.

The fund, launched by Kenza Lahlou and backed by Y Combinator’s Michael Seibel and 500 Startups’ Hassan Haider, will invest in pre-seed and seed ticket sizes of $50,000-$200,000. Any African startup with a minimum viable product or a prototype can apply before February 28, as well as those which are further down the track.

The aim is to provide both money and advice to help startups bridge the gap between idea stage, and when they are mature enough to look for venture or other funding.

There are few funds based out of the Maghreb region, with Maroc Numeric Fund being one. Outlierz will be joining a range of investors and investment groups based throughout the continent, according to the VC4A database. They’ll also be competing with Middle Eastern funds, which are beginning to eye East Africa as well.

Feature image via Africa Tech Summit.

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