Wamda and Endeavor Partner to Support Entrepreneurs Globally

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Wamda has been busy supporting entrepreneurs on all fronts this fall. Not only has Wamda Capital announced ten investments this year, but we’ve also launched two Mix n Mentor events in Amman and Beirut, with a third one in Dubai tomorrow.

At Wamda Media, we are announcing a partnership with Endeavor Global to bring you content about leading entrepreneurs in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, as well as those outside the Arab World.

Why Endeavor? Endeavor entrepreneurs are some of the most experienced entrepreneurs around the globe- many of them are now at a stage where their companies have traction in local or global markets and are scaling quickly.

We’ll be focusing on bringing you their insights, challenges, and advice in video interviews and Google Hangouts.

Here are some of the ones we’ve already covered:

Stay tuned for more! 

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