Weekly Wrap-Up: November 11-15

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If you were part of Mix N' Mentor Amman or Beirut last week, you know that the events hosted a number of enriching conversations between mentors and entpreneurs. We were really excited about hosting you all, and we look forward to seeing you soon for another series of events.

Pic of the Week

Pic of the WeekDuring Mix N' Mentor Beirut, the word "people" kept on coming up in discussions. When you first embark on your journey, what comes to mind when you envision yourself working with your team on your dream project? Read what Wamda Managing Editor Maya had to say about human capital and the importance of investing in people here.

Upcoming Events

This week, we took Mix N' Mentor to its last stop (for now) - Dubai! We want to thank all of those who made it as awesome an event as it was.

Other Upcoming Events

Make sure to check wamda.com/events, or follow @WamdaME on Twitter to stay updated about more events you can!

Entrepreneur of the Week

Entrepreneur of the Week: Wael Attili of KharabeeshThis week's 'Entrepreneur of the Week' is Wael Attili of Kharabeesh, an animation and Arabic digital media company, and Endeavor Jordan company Think Arabia. Kharabeesh has quickly been making a name for itself in the region as well as abroad. Watch his interview to find out why. And by the way, Kharabeesh is the company behind our very own icon, the Mini Entrepreneur!

Articles you Might have Missed

PayPal Launches Middle East Operations with Aramex Partnership

Paypal AramexAlthough already active in some coutntries in the region, PayPal has just announced the official launch of its operations in the Middle East, a long-awaited move. Read more about its agreement with by with Aramex to support Shop & Ship here.

Wamda and Endeavor Partner to Support Entrepreneurs Globally

Endeavor Wamda PartnershipToday, we at Wamda Media have just announced an exciting new partnership with Endeavor Global to bring you content about leading entrepreneurs in Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, as well as those outside the Arab World. Read more about it here.

A Chat with Fadi Ghandour: How to Encourage Entrepreneurship in the Arab World [Wamda TV]

Fadi GhandourWe met with Fadi Ghandour at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit last month, where he had a talk during which he discussed opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs in the Arab world. In our interview with him, he discusses the conditions in which "copy pasting" can work for Arab startups, and the role of governments in fostering competition and encouraging entrepreneurs. Watch it here.

Wamda Face Off: MarkaVIP vs. Souq.com on Challenges in E-Commerce in the Arab World [Wamda TV]

Face Off - Ronaldo Mouchawar and Ahmed KhatibCheck out the first installment of our brand new Face Off series. Last week, we hosted a Google Hangout on Air with Ahmed Khatib from MarkaVIP and Ronaldo Mouchawar from Souq.com where we discussed various aspects of the sector. Watch the footage as it also includes moments where both CEOs got to ask each other questions about their businesses on air.

Entrepreneurship Events for High School Students in the Arab World

eClubWhen our Features Editor Glen was asked what events could highschool students interested in entrpereneurship attend, he realized that there weren't many major entrepreneurship events specifically geared towards youth in the Arab World - except for these 12 interesting gatherings. Read more about them here.

Anghami Sees Surge in Downloads, Partners with Orange

Anghami OrangeA week into its launch, Anghami announced a partnership with Orange, a mobile operator that has just announced a new mobile plan, along which clients will get access to Anghami and download music free of charge - making it a very big milestone reached by Anghami. The team also shared with us the effect of Wamda's most recent article about the app on sales. Find out more about it here.

The Future of Green Technology: What Innovations are on the Horizon?

The Future of Green Technology

What exactly is green technology? While we mostly hear about wind turbines, solar panels and alternative fuel, green technology also includes building construction, sustainable purchasing, and even green chemistry. What are some innovations we should expect? Read Wamda contributor Shaima Alhaj's post about it.

Tala Al-Ashek Designs Revolt Against Black Abayas in KSA [Wamda TV]

Tala Al AshekWhile in college in Jeddah, Tala Al-Ahek realized how limited the opportunity was for women in abayas to express their sense of style and fashion. So she created 3abella, a Jeddah-based fashion line of colorful "abayas" with delicate and detailed designs. Read more about it here.

How to Find a Good Mentor: Seeking Parents for your Startup

How to Find MentorsTo many, starting a business is like having a baby. In a sense, mentors are the parents you run to for advice. But how do you find the right mentor? and how do you approach them? Read StartupQ8 founder and Wamda contributor Abdallah Alshalabi's take on it here.

Building a Culture of Creativity: What Companies Can Learn from Ferrari, Art, and Jazz

Building a Culture of Creativity: What Companies Can Learn from Ferrari, Art, and Jazz

Can you teach creativity? Probably not - but you can provide your employees with an environment that'll get their creative juices going. And this is exactly what Ferrari has done. Read about it in this post.

How Telecom Company Orange is Creating a Culture of Intrapreneurship

OrangeOrange recently announced a new partnership with Anghami, allowing Orange mobile service users to bundle Anghami’s music data for a discounted rate. Watchi our interview with David Nahmani, Business Development Director at Orange, as he discusses how the Jordanian mobile operator is developing products and services to benefit the startup ecosystem with the objective of creating a culture of intrapreneurship.

Empowering Artists after the Tunisian Revolution: eArtvolution

eArtvolutionArtists are often faced with several challenges including lack of funding, difficulty accessing local markets, high gallery fees, a lack of connections with other local and international artists, and more. Here is where eArtvolution comes in. Read about their social network, online gallery, and e-learning in art entrepreneurship programs here.

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