Tutorial Platform Facebook Studio Edge Launches in Dubai

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After unveiling the platform last spring, Facebook today announced the Dubai launch of Facebook Studio Edge, a tutorial platform designed to help digital agencies and organizations learn the ropes when it comes to marketing on the social network.

Described as a “social learning and recognition program," Facebook Studio Edge offers a series of 10-15 minute interactive, self-guided courses that train the user on three primary lesson topics: Pages, Advertising, and Technology (i.e. Facebook's APIs).

To help marketers and community managers learn the best ways to incorporate Facebook into their online marketing strategies, Facebook pledges to continue to release new courses and updates as they evolve the social network. 

Individuals can also earn badges as they progress through the modules. These, along with the Facebook Studio Awards, will allow individuals to showcase their level of expertise in Facebook marketing.

Currently in beta, the platform is available for team members to sign up to request access to the platform. 

Here's what attendees had to say about today's event in Dubai via Twitter (#FBStudioEdge):

Tweeter @mony_ threw out some stats related to how users truly engage with each other on Facebook.

@AbbasAlidina was tweeting live throughout the event, mentioning some key pieces of advice for Facebook marketing.

Keep content relevent to your users and the community, adds @AliSABKAR.

@JustFalafel jumps in to reveal their Facebook marketing strategy- do it internally.


On the heels of their recent Graph Search announcement, Facebook is now flexing its monetization model: marketing. The site is no longer just a social meeting place for friends to live and share together. The launch of Facebook Studio Edge in Dubai signals to users that marketing is now a top priority and one of the top functions for the platform.

This bodes well for Facebook optimized ad platform SocialWire, but should Facebook become too marketing-central, maybe users will begin to consider other platforms for their social sharing. Until then, the social network will maintain its middle road approach of enabling users to build connections while allowing marketers to take advantage of the data they collect.

For the Facebook Studio Edge team, Dubai is just one stop on their world tour; for Middle East agencies, it's a good opportunity to brush up on the basics. 

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