Weekly Wrap-Up: May 12-16

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Balance is key in any entrepreneurial journey. As an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to balance between personal and professional life, as well as giving back to society as you help build a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem for you and your peers. What can you learn from the startups we featured this week?

Wamda 4 Women Roundtables in Doha on Monday, May 20

Wamda for Women RoundtablesWe're heading to Doha for the W4Women Roundtables event in partnership with Silatech and Roudha Center. We'll be hosting three separate roundtables in Doha, Amman, and Riyadh to discuss what challenges women entrepreneurs face and how to move forward and support each other. Make sure you book your seat!

Mix N' Mentor Amman brings the Lean Startup workshop, by Tech pioneer Calvin Chin

Mix N Mentor Amman workshop Calvin Chin Lean StartupWe're really excited to announce that we'll be hosting a great workshop by Cavin Chin, Founder and CEO of Transist Impact Labs, an incubator and investor in impact-driven tech startups in China. Find out what he'll be discussing.

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Articles you Might have Missed 

The untold story of the 24-year-old Lebanese entrepreneur behind Pou, the world's #1 mobile kids game


Is Paul Salameh, who built mobile kids' game Pou, making $1 million a month? That's what some have estimated. What's for sure is that by building a highly addictive "virtual" pet app, he's beaten Tamagotchi at their own game. Find out how his app made it to #1 in the iPhone kids games category in a total of 90 countries.

Why last year's rise in unemployment for Saudi women might be a positive trend

Rise in unemployment for Saudi women is a positive trendRecent studies show an interesting rise in unemployment rate for Saudi women - yet this indicates is a positive change. How? Read this post to learn more.


7 French startups that are hot right now

French startups that are hotIf you haven't been keeping up with the startup scene in France, then you're missing out on some interesting activity. Check out 7 startups that are generating quite the buzz.


Wamda Asks: What would a UAE Skype ban mean for startups?

UAE Skype ban

Recently, rumors of an impending UAE ban on Skype-to-call services stirred some debates in the region's tech-space. What would it mean for startups who spend a great amount of time on conference calls? We asked two entrepreneurs building their businesses in the region.

FOO launches the first mobile matchmaking app for Facebook in the Middle East

Foo launches PsstPsst! I'm into you is FOO's latest release.  The matchmaking app that relies on Facebook to facilitate connecting between friends who 'like' each other. How does it work and what audience does FOO think it will attract? Find out in this post

Why did Path have a sudden recent surge in popularity in France, the UAE, and Bahrain?

Path recent surge in popularity in Bahrain UAE and France

Path has been around for 2 years and a half, and yet it hasn't seen a significant amount of early adoption from the world's hottest tech celebrities. But recently, something about the platform triggered a surge in downloads from the UAE, Bahrain, and France. Read this article as we discuss what could be behind the recent rise in popularity.

Egypt's Eduudle makes it easier to find the right Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

EduudleIf you're looking for a new course to take, Eduudle offers a list of free online classes offered by Standford, MIT, Harvard, and other top-notch colleges. So how do you set off on a mission to make MOOCs more popular, without a technical background? Read this post to find out.

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