Weekly Wrap-Up: May 19-23

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This week, we hosted the Lean Startup workshop by Calvin Chin at our offices in Beirut. Chin started by giving a brief overview of the Lean principles, and then went over case studies of some of the big names in the global startup ecosystem, as well as examples from the crowd. Throughout the workshop, some very interesting questions were raised; what are the tools and method to pivot a product? Do you keep something about it fixed and change other elements around? Share your thoughts!

Mix N' Mentor coming to Amman, 3rd time this year!

Mix N Mentor Amman

Only one day left before Mix N' Mentor Amman! This will be our third Mix N' Mentor event in less than a year in the country, and we're thrilled! This time, we're switching up the schedule of the event by adding two new components: the Lean Startup workshop with Tech Pioneer Calvin Chin, and our Wamda 4 Women Roundtables. Make sure to tune in to live.wamda.com as we'll be broadcasting opening remarks and fireside chat live!

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Articles you Might have Missed

PayPal announces launch in Egypt

PayPal Elias Ghanem

PayPal has just announced its widely-anticipated launch in Egypt. What does enabling consumer services exactly mean for online shoppers and what are the payment gateway's future plans in terms of expanding into Egypt? Find out in our interview with General Manager of PayPal in the Middle East and North Africa Elias Ghanem.

MAKE Business Hub is acquired by CeeCee Holding. Here's what Dubai's entrepreneurs have to say about it

MAKE business hub acquired by CeeCee holding

This week, MAKE Business Hub  announced getting acquired by CeeCee Holding, a positive move for the business and solid proof that hard work pays off. How will Dubai's entrepreneurs feel at the cafe when founder Leith Mathews hands over management? 

The Arab Spring through the eyes of Zaid

Zaid FarekhBy the age of 22, Zaid Farekh had already built a successful freelance web development business and secured a UNHCR contract. How is Zaid's journey an example of what the future of Jordan should look like? Read this inspiring article by Aramex founder Fadi Ghandour.

The Mini Entrepreneur becomes a WamdaCard member

Mini Entrepreneur becomes WamdaCard memberHow can the WamdaCard help your startup? Watch this episode of the Mini Entrepreneur as he discovers Wamda's newly launched benefits program.

Lebanese entrepreneur named one of the five most powerful women in gaming

Reine Abbas from Wixel Studios

Last week, Inc.com named Reine Abbas one of the five most powerful women in gaming. Find out what games this Lebanese entrepreneur has worked on and how she thinks women can gain a more prominent role in the game development field in this post.

Wamda Asks: How will Google Play Music All Access affect streaming services in the Arab world?

Google Play Music All AccessRecently at Google I/O, Google announced the roll out of its online music streaming service, Google Play Music All Access. Will this cause a major ripple in the Arab World's music app scene? We discuss it in this post.

Who's winning the classified market in Morocco?

Who is winning the classified market in MoroccoClassified ads platform Avito is the market leader in terms of page views, but it's one of the many players on the Moroccan scene. And the competition is tight. Meet the other players out to dominate the classified ads market.

These 3 startups failed in Jordan and they're loud of it. Here are their 5 honest tips.

Taktek Wizards Production and Wheels express tips

"If you have to fail, fail fast, small, and make a lesson out of it" is a piece of advice often heard in the entrepreneurial world. Find out what the entrepreneurs behind TakTek Games, Wizards Productions and Wheels Express have to share about their experience of failing. Don't miss these great lessons!

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