Weekly Wrap-Up: July 21-25

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What makes a brand? At Wamda, we've come across companies that work hard to build a friendly, accessible profile by cultivating a solid online connection with their audience. The image your company projects of itself is equally as important as the products or services it offers. What are some of your brand's main qualities?

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What are the 50 most valuable brands in the Arab world? [Infographic]

Top Arab brandsIs there a common characteristic to the strongest brands in the Arab world? Find out what countries these heavyweights hail from and what industries they dominate in this infographic.

10 career tips you wish you knew when you were 20

Career tips you wish you knew when you were in collegeEver felt like you could have used some more guidance at 20? As you take your first steps as a professional, you might want to keep these tips in mind from Bayt.com.


Why is this mobile game from China so popular in Kuwait?

Happylatte High NoonWith a studio based in Beijing, Happylatte didn't really expect their latest cowboy shoot'em up game to be so popular in Kuwait. So what made the game a hit in that part of the Middle East? We discuss with Jethro Cramp and Michelle Chu of Happylatte.

How Moroccan developers launch apps without an app store

Moroccan developers publish apps without the app storeOnly 15% of the total population of Morocco have smartphones, leading Apple, Google, and Microsoft to view it as too small a market to launch in; yet the mobile app scene in Morocco is very much alive. So how do Moroccan developers launch their apps? Find out in this post.

Building a gamer community for women in Saudi Arabia [Wamda TV]

GCONTasneem Salim is the cofounder of GCON, a community and annual conference for female gamers and developers in Saudi Arabia. How do you build a thriving community for women gamers in Saudi Arabia, and what are the challenges GCON faces? Find out in our brief interview.

11 tips for managing your company blog

Tips for managing your company blogDoes your startup have a blog? In this day and age, your company blog can make for a great way to communicate with your audience and keep them engaged. Check out these 11 tips for making your company blog a success.

New incubator seeks to send Palestinian startups to Silicon Valley

PALinnOHow do you take startups from incubation in Palestine to investors pitching in Silicon Valley? This is exactly what PALinnO has set out to do. Read the story behind Palestine's newest incubator and more on their program.

How women in Saudi Arabia are being integrated into the workforce [Wamda TV]

GloworkAt Mix N' Mentor Riyadh, we caught up with Khalid AlKhudair, founder of Glowork.net, a platform for job-seeking women in Saudi Arabia. In our short interview, AlKhudair discusses how the platform aims to help women overcome barriers to employment.

Signs you are a natural born entrepreneur [Infographic]

Are you an entrepreneurHow do you know if you're a natural born entrepreneur or better suited for a mid-level managerial position? Check out this cool infographic for some interesting characteristics entrepeneurs have in common.

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