Weekly Wrap-Up: November 25-29

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This week's posts were especially rich in legal advice whether it comes to setting up your business in Lebanon, or what it takes to boost the investment industry. We talked about sharing, and creating more arabic content through Arabic Web Days. There's definitely a lot going on, how will you contribute?

Pic of the Week

Pic of the WeekThis week, our Managing Editor Maya chose this illustration to reflect upon. How do you make YOUR mark for future generations? Find out what she had to say about it here.

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Entrepreneur of the Week

Entrepreneur of the Week: Lara Tarakjian of SilkorLara Tarakjian, the co-founder of Lebanese beauty chain and laser hair removal salon Silkor. Lara shares her experience as an early entrepreneur – before it was even called that! – and what it takes to succeed. Watch her interview here.

Articles you Might have Missed

How a 17 Year-old Launched a Profitable Web Design Company in Lebanon

How a 17-Year-Old Launched a Profitable Web Design Company in LebanonAndy Abi Haidar still has to do his homework after school, but he also runs his own award-winning web design company: Qarma Designs. What started as phishing when he was twelve, turned into a love for web design and the launch of his own company at the tender age of 15. Read more about it here.

10 Popular Coworking Spaces in the Arab World

InsaneCoworking spaces are filling the need for innovation-friendly spaces, helping entrepreneurs and business leaders alike refine their ideas, connect, and make things happen. Check out the 10 popular coworking spaces we’ve highlighted for you here.

Global Entrepreneurship Summit Comes to Dubai: Exclusive Discount for Wamdacard Holders

GES EVAThe global entrepreneurship summit, hosted by entrepreneurial ventures of Arabia, will be held on December 11th and 12th. This year’s agenda is nothing short of awesome, and WamdaCard members get an exclusive discount on registration. Find out more here.

Can a Sharing Economy Take Root in the Middle East and Turkey? (Can AirBnB Clones Find Success?)

In the past few years, collaborative consumption consumer behavior and the likes have gained more traction from entrepreneurs. But can this work in emerging markets? Read more about it here.

Developing the Investment Industry in the Arab World: Guest Post from Middle East Venture Partners

Beirut If we analyse the case of Lebanon in terms of investment industry, what lessons can we derive for other countries in the Arab world? Find out in this post co-authored by Walid Hanna and Walid Mansour of Middle East Venture Partners, a Beirut-based Venture Capital firm.

How to Join Arabic Web Days and Post Arabic Content

Arabic Web DaysArabic Web Days has just launched as an initiative to support Arabic content online, and everyone is welcome to contribute! Here's how.

Jordan’s Dakwak Launches Localization Platform to Help Startups Go Global

DakwakIf a startup is looking to go global, Dakwak offers a way to launch their website in different languages. Though the service has been around for over a year, they’ve now finally launched, and can localize in over 50 languages. Read about their options here.

A Look at Social Media Consumption in the Arab World [infographic]

Social Media Consumption in the Arab WorldDiscover Digital Arabia have just published an infographic illustrating how social media is consumed in the Arab world. Find out about user participation on different social networks and how these add value to the consumers’ experience here.

Tenmou Gathers and Trains Arab and European Angel Investors in Bahrain

TenmouTenmou is Bahrain’s first business angels company, and it’s becoming a leading player in the country’s entrepreneurship scene. Find out how the event unraveled here.


Announcing a New Series on Wamda: How to Register your Company in Lebanon [Legal Advice]

We've just launched a new series aimed at shedding the light on the logistics related to registering and setting up a business in Lebanon. Read more about it here and check out the first few installments.

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