Startups Must Accept Change and Adapt [Pic of the Week]

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Things don’t stay the same forever. It’s a fact of life that a lot of people, especially expanding businesses, often have trouble dealing with. There are trends, ideas, and technologies that change the way things are done in society and in business.

This week we shared a report by Booz & Company and Google describing the Arab Digital Generation, a growing group of young Internet-users who are developing new business models and connecting with each other in new ways. Some of these new ideas were highlighted at SHARE Beirut, spreading a wave of creativity across the MENA region.

We see today several examples of new entrepreneurs even taking on bigger players in the market. Curl Stone’s Nashmi Man is challenging Teshkeel Media’s The 99 in superhero animation and is taking on Jeeran in online reviews.

In Palestine, we can see an emerging ecosystem catalyzed by bright young entrepreneurs including the 6 new tech startups featured at Expotech 2012 this week.

The old way of doing business is useful in some spaces, but there are new trends that require many businesses to accept change in their market. Changes in the daily deals market this week highlight this reality.

Instead of fearing change, truly innovative businesses will find new opportunities to adapt to new challenges and ultimately accept change.

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