Why Startups Should Support Sustainability: MixnMentor Dubai Panel Part 7 [Wamda TV]

Following the 6th segment of Wamda's MixnMentor Dubai Event, in which Muhammed Mekki discussed Namshi's approach to analytics, angel investor Fadi Ghandour discusses Aramex's data driven approach here, in the 7th segment.

"We were the first company to have ever issued a sustainability report with clear metrics for deliverables," he recalls, noting that they recently came out with a report noting Aramex's carbon footprint on a per-package basis.

It's not only about climate but about social consciousness inside the organization, he says, something that is also veryimportant for other startups to consider, especially when looking to partner with international organizations. 

Abu Alia asks another tough question: "Would you advise to comprise on profitability to contribute to sustainability?" Another crowd member later grills Fadi on the direct financial benefit he's seen from taking a sustainable approach. See what Fadi has to say about the necessity of sustainability in today's market.

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